As an Arab American, I’m loving Trump’s smackdown of Media

As an Arab American, I’m  loving Trump’s smackdown of Media

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As an Arab American, I’m  loving Trump’s smackdown of Media

The mainstream news media is the food that feeds the racism in America, especially against Arabs and Arab Muslims. They pretend to care about Muslims but it has been media stereotypes and media biases that have built the racism wall against Muslims and twisted facts about Arabs and Palestinians. So why shouldn’t I enjoy President Donald Trump’s smackdown of the corrupt mainstream American news media?

By Ray Hanania

Many journalists from my generation trace back their pursuit of their journalism careers to the Watergate hearings and the reporting of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of the Washington Post.

But I trace my journalism roots to the constant racism and bigotry that mainstream newspapers like the Washington Post fomented in millions and millions of lines of anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian stereotypes.

I was enraged at the hypocrisy of watching journalists pat themselves on their backs and declared how righteous they were as champions of justice, fairness and the downtrodden, while seeing the reality of their one-sided reporting.

The news media industry was built on racism and bias, and it is that bias that created an arena where a small minority of citizens in America were corralled into daily and brutal beatings and attacks for the entertainment and anger of the rest of America.

America is a country built on racism. Just ask African Americans or the Chinese. And the mainstream American news media thrived by creating “enemies” who could be pilloried and libeled for the entertainment of their mainstream revenue driving consumers.

The mainstream American news media created its success by developing a modernday Roman Colosseum where their heavily armed champions beat down the defenseless and unarmed with tridents, harpoons and swords.

Carl Bernstein at the 2007 Texas Book Festival...

Carl Bernstein. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyday as a young person in this country where my father, George, labored as a proud American who served with his brother, Moses, during World War II to battle the Nazis, I would turn on the television, hear on the radio or read in a newspaper day-after-day assaults on fairness in columns that demonized Arabs. Every Hollywood movie about the Middle East was filled with vicious, foaming-at-the-mouth blood-thirsty Arabs made me sick as did every major novel that portrayed the Arab as the monster.

The portrayal of racist stereotypes in the mainstream news media prompted me to enter journalism so I could understand the ugly monster from the inside and one day rip its guts out and expose its hypocrisies.

And the day I pulled back my pride in being Palestinian was the day that the media turned on me, as I should have expected.

So I have no sympathy for the mainstream news media. And I have no claim against President Donald Trump for the mistakes he has made as an outsider int he insider world of mudslinging vicious politics. He is no different than any other person who has embraced politics, no worse than the saints of the media and left like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. All the vicious attacks against Trump from the hypocritical left can be launched back at them 10 times worse.

It isn’t just about how the news media has gone out of its way to compromise its ethics to defend Israel at every turn, and to close its eyes at the atrocities committed by Israel’s founders against Palestinian civilians. It’s the vilification of the Arab and the Palestinian, the lies it has spread simply to make a cause look greater than it is.

The news media has excluded the voices of Palestinians and Arabs from its Op-Ed Pages, censored our criticism, ignored our communities and our events, and did everything possible to erase us from the American landscape, paying us attention under their bright lights only when an Arab or a Palestinian engaged in crime.

English: Bob Woodward at the meeting with Inte...

Bob Woodward. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The newspaper Op-Ed pages were filled with anti-Arab haters who debated among each other how bad the Arabs are. And the journalism organizations that screamed about diversity made sure to exclude Arabs and Palestinians from their ranks.

Media diversity is blood libel defined by a racist pandering to certain minority groups that have the power to standup to the media’s lies, like Blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

There are very few in the media who have been honest. There are very few in the media that have been fair. The industry that created books and movies has been the most vicious, portraying the Arab in the most vile manner.

They are biased against him and in covering his words the same way they assault and rape all of their targeted victims. The mainstream American news media is a predator that exploits suffering for its profit and greed, not for the higher goal of righteous ethics and truth.

So why shouldn’t I enjoy the smackdown that President Trump is handing to the news media.

I celebrate that media smackdown and I celebrate the assault on the racist, bigoted mainstream American news media in all of its ugly forms from the bias of the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune to the one-sided talking heads that foam TV hate from the mouth.

American journalism needs to be gutted like a dead fish because the profession has shameful prostituted itself for greed, profit and political gain.

A girl holds The Washington Post of Monday, Ju...

A girl holds The Washington Post of Monday, July 21st 1969 stating ‘The Eagle Has Landed Two Men Walk on the Moon’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am tired of watching so-called “reporters” hide behind their armor of “fake objectivity” to twist and distort stories to promote their personal agendas, to be more hypocritical than the hypocrites they lambaste, and to inject opinionated writing that corrupt the fundamental basis of objectivity and fairness mandated by their journalism profession.

(Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist and author and former reporter who covered Chicago City Hall from 1976 through 1992. Reach him by email at

This post has already been read 261 times!