Journalists dish it out but whine when it comes back

Journalists dish it out but whine when it comes back

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Journalists dish it out but whine when it comes back

The mainstream news media loves to criticize but they hate to be criticized. And the more they are criticized the more they push back against the critics. Watergate celebrity journalist Carl Bernstein is making the ridiculous claim that Trump’s criticism of the media is more sinister than the criticism Nixon made against the news media, implying falsely that Trump has violated laws the way Nixon did. If anyone is corrupt, it’s the news media and celebrity “journalists” like Bernstein who protect their own

By Ray Hanania

#BiasedReporting #Omerta Many journalists who cover the “news” are the biggest hypocrites.

They criticize everyone else and then whine and cry when they get criticized. But they just don’t criticize, they pull out the daggers and do everything they can to harm, damage and even destroy their critics.

That’s how vicious the news media has become in today’s world where journalism is controlled by the greedy robber barons in the corporate world.

Challenge the mainstream news media and they call you racist, or politically motivated, and they always cry foul! They hide behind the First Amendment of the Constitution to Libel their victims and use it to protect themselves.

Make one mistake and the mainstream news media will jump all over you. When they make a mistake or many mistakes, they do everything to cover for those mistakes and they even band together like a pen-wielding Mafia to slam you on your head with their typewriters and their cameras.

Typewriters and cameras are not illegal like guns but can be worse instruments of a form of violence that destroys someone wrongly, wrecks their livelihood and destroys their reputation. The mainstream news media claims it is about justice, but they will do all that to anyone who tries to call them out.

Richard Nixon tells the nation about the bombi...

Richard Nixon tells the nation about the bombings in Cambodia, April 30, 1969. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The mainstream news media practices a form of Omerta, the Mafia code of silence. The mainstream news media is like the mafia. Their violence isn’t directly physical although they “kill” their enemies by destroying their lives. They target those who attack them and ostracize them and gang up against

The mainstream news media loves to criticize but they hate to be criticized. And the more they are criticized the more they push back against the critics.

Saturday, Carl Bernstein, who rose to journalism fame by exposing President Richard M. Nixon, has made the ridiculous claim that President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media are far worse than Nixon’s attacks on the press.

The difference is that Nixon’s men broke into the Democratic Headquarters at Watergate to steal information they hoped might be used to help Nixon get re-elected. They fumbled and were caught and Nixon lied to cover up his administrations crime.

Bernstein’s comparison is ridiculous and typical of a news media that has its fangs out, drooling like a vicious wolf ready to pounce on its prey.

Tweets from Carl Bernstein:

“The most dangerous ‘enemy of the people’ is presidential lying–always. Attacks on press by @realDonaldTrump more treacherous than Nixon’s”

“Real news (not fake) is that @realDonaldTrump trying to make conduct of press the issue instead of egregious (and unhinged)conduct of POTUS”

“When focus of press was on Hillary’s server–by same ‘fake news’ orgs/’enemies of the people’ cited by @realDonaldTrump–he saw patriots”

What did Carl Bernstein write about his son Jacob Bernstein calling the First Lady Melania Trump a “hooker” in a conversation he thought was private — how many times does that happen to others in the wake of media bias — and admitted it. But Carl Bernstein didn’t make the story of his son’s failing a front page story the way they would have had Trump’s son called former First Lady Michelle Obama a “Hooker.”

Imagine how differently the stories would have been played in the press if someone had attacked Michelle Obama, calling her an ugly name. Oh yea. We don’t have to imagine. Those stories of despicable name calling have been showcased across the front pages of the mainstream news media

But when you are the son of a journalist aristocrats like King Carl Bernstein and Nora Ephron, you can almost get away with anything, and the story is played down by the media.

Jacob Bernstein apologized five days after making the comment but the issue is how the mainstream media down played it (compared to how they have played stories harshly critical of Michelle Obama.) Here is how the Washington Post reported on a vicious attacked by a West Virginia politician against Michelle Obama.

What’s most hypocritical is how President Trump is attacked for posting his opinions on Twitter but so-called “respectable” journalists like Bernstein foam at the mouth and spew their vicious venom on Twitter all the time.

The outrageousness of Bernstein asserting that because Trump is challenging the news media he is therefore worse than Nixon is unprecedented.

When it comes to fake news and fake organizations, the mainstream news media is worse. They lie about facts. They twist facts. They eliminate facts that undermine their assertions or make them look guilty. They take insignificant stories and turn them into the “end of the world” stories in order to fear monger the public into believing what they right.

Americans have been conditioned by the news media to accept what it screams. The mainstream news media sells tragedy and suffering and fear to profit. That’s how they make their money. They throw in some “good” stories around the side of the dish so they can pretend they are fighting for justice and that their actions are noble. But they are not.

It’s not all journalists and reporters, but it is most. And most reporters and journalists who do not lie, cheat and fabricate stories still would rather stand by a crocked colleague then call them out. Because the industry shame is greater. They would rather than these journalist criminals be forgotten or brushed aside. They report on their own journalism criminals but they do so in a fast and quick way to expedite their removal from the frontlines of the public’s discussion.

The mainstream news media does everything it can to bury stories about corruption in their own industry because they CREATED the system in which Guilt by Association is the driving force of our societal judgement. And they manipulate Guilt by Association in order to protect themselves when the crooks, criminals and corruptors are actually the journalists and reporters themselves.

Remember, true journalists and reporters have one responsibility, to REPORT the news, not manipulate it, forge it, craft it or pick and choose it. They are to present the facts without commentary and without judgement. Their job is to eliminate the subjective adjectives and not “spin” the news.

When the public has the facts, it’s up to the public to decide. The media can engage in opinion commentary and analysis of the news and state their opinions, but NOT reporters or journalists who cover that news. Allowing reporters and journalists who cover the news to comment on the news and express opinions about the news is the real crime that Carl Bernstein doesn’t want to address because he’s guilty of it, too.

Journalism is corrupt because the roles of reporters and columnists have been intertwined and blurred. In today’s world, there is no line between objective and fair journalism, and partisan commentary in the News Pages of today’s mainstream news media, print, Radio and TV.

Carl Bernstein, you should speak the truth and address honestly the corruption of the news media and openly admit that you are the defacto “president” of an industry that thrives on lies, distortions, spin and bias.

(Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist and author. He covered Chicago City Hall from 1976 until 1992. Hanania is a contributor to and can be reached at

This post has already been read 261 times!