The media bias over the “Black Caucus” question

The media bias over the “Black Caucus” question

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The media bias over the “Black Caucus” question

An African American reporter asked President Trump if he planned to meet with the Black Caucus, in what appeared to be an effort by the reporter to help the Black Caucus set up a meeting with the president. Trump asked the reporter if she wanted to help set up the meeting repeatedly explaining he has reached out to the Black Caucus but there has been no formal meeting set up. Immediately, racists began denouncing Trump claiming that his response to the African American reporter was “racist.”

By Ray Hanania

Nothing is more phony than when a reporter tries to provoke a crisis or is lobbying on behalf of a President’s critics.

That’s clearly what reporter April Ryan, who is White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks in Baltimore, did.

Ryan is very close to members of the Black Caucus and has met with many of them both during interviews and attending conferences where members of the Black Caucus have appeared.

But right away, the biased and racist news media attacked President Trump. The lead attack dog is the pathetic and biased Susan Rice, President Barack Obama’s former Ambassador to the United Nations.

First, they complained that he did not know what “CBC” was when Ryan asked Trump if he planned to meet with the “CBC.” Who would know what CBC means, just because the reporter is Black?

If Trump assumed that a Black Reporter was referring to a Black organization wouldn’t he be attacked for stereotyping? Of course he would be.

English: Official Congressional portrait of Co...

English: Official Congressional portrait of Congressman John Lewis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But when he said he didn’t know who she was referring to, they attacked him for that, too!

Ryan should have explained, not assumed, that anyone knows what the CBC is.

It’s a cheap shot made by many of Trump’s do-nothing critics including one of the worst, former UN Ambassador Susan Rice made recently in a racist and partisan attack against Trump.

Rice Tweeted that Trump’s response to Ryan was “offensive” and suggested it was typical of how Trump abused African American rights.

Wow! Talk about abusing people’s rights!

Rice was among the most vicious anti-Arab and anti-Arab-Muslim ambassadors at the United Nations working under President Obama and doing everything possible to undermine Arab-Muslim and Arab Christian rights in lands occupied by Palestine. She ranks among the worst in casting anti-Arab and anti-Muslim vetoes and No Votes in the Security Council on Middle East issues than any previous Ambassador.

Most notably, when Britain and France and the Arab nations proposed a peace plan to end the conflict with Israel, Rice beat it down and cast her first veto to stifle Middle East efforts.

Yes, didn’t you know that Israel built more settlements while Obama was president than under any previous president? That nearly as many Palestinian civilians were killed in the Gaza Strip as were killed by Israel during the administration of President George W. Bush? That Israel confiscated more lands from Christian and Muslim Palestinians in the West Bank under Obama’s administration than under any previous president?

Yet, Obama is praised as a “peace maker.” But the truth is Susan Rice was asleep at her post, or deliberately racist!

English: Founding members of the . Standing L-...

English: Founding members of the Congressional Black Caucus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Trump said he didn’t know what the CBC was (Rice castigated him and called him a racist for that  — she’s pathetic), Ryan followed up. And then Ryan engaged in her usual attacks against Trump asserting that he is responsible for the divisions in this country, implying he’s responsible for racial tensions in America.

The premise is absurd but it is a fundamental part of the news media’s racist attack against Trump that he, not pro-Hillary Clinton activists who were PAID to create disturbances at Trump rallies, were responsible.

Not one reporter has asked about those allegations, that Clinton activists provoked violence at Trump rallies so the biased news media could use those stories as evidence that Trump is a racist.

Here is the dialogue between Ryan and Trump from the press conference, based on the White House transcript:

Q    Are you going to include the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, as well as —

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, I would.  I tell you what, do you want to set up the meeting?  Do you want to set up the meeting?

Q    No, no, no.

THE PRESIDENT:  Are they friends of yours?

Q    I’m just a reporter.

THE PRESIDENT:  No, go ahead, set up the meeting.

Q    I know some of them, but I’m sure they’re watching right now.

THE PRESIDENT:  Let’s go set up a meeting.  I would love to meet with the Black Caucus.  I think it’s great — the Congressional Black Caucus.  I think it’s great.  I actually thought I had a meeting with Congressman Cummings, and he was all excited, and then he said, oh, I can’t move, it might be bad for me politically, I can’t have that meeting.  I was all set to have the meeting.  You know, we called him and called him, and he was all set.  I spoke to him on the phone.  Very nice guy.

Q    I hear he wanted that meeting with you as well.

THE PRESIDENT:  He wanted it.  But we called, called, called, called — they can’t make a meeting with him.  Every day, I walked in, I said, I would like to meet with him.  Because I do want to solve the problem.  But he probably was told by Schumer or somebody like that — some other lightweight — he was probably told — he was probably told, don’t meet with Trump, it’s bad politics.  And that’s part of the problem of this country.

Okay, one more.  Go ahead.

Q    Yes, Mr. President, two questions —

THE PRESIDENT:  No, no.  One question.  Two, we can’t handle.  This room can’t handle two.  Go ahead, give me the better of your two.

Q    (Inaudible) it’s not about your personality or your beliefs.  We’re talking about (inaudible) around the country, some of it by supporters in your name.  What do you —

THE PRESIDENT:  And some of it — and can I be honest with you?  And this has to do with racism and horrible things that are put up.  Some of it written by our opponents.  You do know that.  Do you understand that?  You don’t think anybody would do a thing like that.  Some of the signs you’ll see are not put up by the people that love or like Donald Trump, they’re put up by the other side, and you think it’s like playing it straight.  No.  But you have some of those signs, and some of that anger is caused by the other side.  They’ll do signs and they’ll do drawings that are inappropriate.  It won’t be my people.  It will be the people on the other side to anger people like you.  Okay.

Go ahead.

Q    You are the President now.  What are you going to do about it?

THE PRESIDENT:  Who is that?  Where is that?  Oh, stand up.  You can —

Q    What are you going to do about the tensions that have been discussed?

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, I’m working on it.  No, I’m working on it very hard.

Q    Are you going to give a speech?

THE PRESIDENT:  No, no, look.  Hey, just so you understand, we had a totally divided country for eight years, and long before that, in all fairness to President Obama.  Long before President Obama, we have had a very divided.  I didn’t come along and divide this country.  This country was seriously divided before I got here.

We’re going to work on it very hard.  One of the questions that was asked — I thought it was a very good question — was about the inner cities.  I mean, that’s part of it.  But we’re going to work on education.  We’re going to work on lack — you know, we’re going to stop — we’re going to try and stop the crime.  We have great law enforcement officials.  We’re going to try and stop crime.  We’re not going to try and stop, we’re going to stop crime.

But it’s very important to me.  But this isn’t Donald Trump that divided a nation.  We went eight years with President Obama, and we went many years before President Obama.  We lived in a divided nation.  And I am going to try — I will do everything within my power to fix that.

John Lewis racist saga

The dialogue and the question is racist, and is premised on the biased and distorted media coverage of Congressman John Lewis who attacked Trump viciously and then pretended like he was the wounded victim of racism.

John Lewis is an anti-White racist and anti-White hater. The FACT is that John Lewis provoked the confrontation with Trump when he declared he was boycotting Trump’s inauguration.

Trump responded with a mild Tweet in response to Lewis that was so exaggerated and twisted by the biased news media and reporters, it’s pathetic and remains as a principle example of media bias in this continuing saga of biased reporting by the news media.

The fact that the news media glossed over in attacking Trump and defending Lewis as the “victim” is that Lewis ALSO BOYCOTTED President George W. Bush’s inauguration. Lewis is a guy who is racist and may just hates White Presidents!

But no one in the news media addressed that possibility. Instead, they took this Tweet to say that Trump is racist, though:

Tweets by President Donald Trump against the racist attacks of failed Congressman John Lewis Jan. 14, 2017

Tweets by President Donald Trump against the racist attacks of failed Congressman John Lewis Jan. 14, 2017

The media is biased. They take basic information and then twist it around to make their political points. Those who attacked Trump asserting that he is racist for the way he responded to April Ryan’s question are in fact the real racists.

These are the same reporters, journalists and partisan political critics who closed their eyes to John Lewis’ racism and then exaggerated that Trump was being racist against John Lewis, ignoring Lewis’ past history of racist attacks against White politicians because of their political beliefs.

Lewis may be a champion of civil rights, but he is surely one of the most racist and hateful champions, and a disgrace to the CRM.

Oh, yea, you know, CRM means Civil Rights Movement? You didn’t know that? You must be a racist, too!

(Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist and author and former Chicago City Hall reporter (1976-1992). He is a contributing writer at and can be reached at


This post has already been read 168 times!