BiasedReporting.com is dedicated to calling out the racist, biased mainstream American News Media. We want to hold the news media accountable.

We showcase and document examples of the media bias, including and especially in their coverage of President Donald Trump.

What do we expect from the news media?

We expect reporters and journalists to report the news fairly and accurately, and to leave commentary and Op-Eds to other writers who are clearly identified as Opinion Columnists. Reporters and Journalists should NOT engage in criticism of any kind. That includes the use of suggestive adjectives that imply negative connotations and meanings to the stories they are covering.

Report the Damned News!

We expect reporters and journalists to refrain from criticizing politicians in their “News” and “Feature” stories, and instead fairly present criticism from named sources, allowing a response from the targets of the criticism.

We expect also expect the news media to present both sides of a controversy or issue when they run opinion commentary and analysis.

The media has a right to hold politicians accountable but they must do it the right way, fairly, objectively and professionally.

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