Media is the Problem

The News Media is the problem.

The News Media has declared war on truth. They’ve abandoned their alleged principles of ethics, fairness and objectivity and replaced them with selfish political agendas driven by a desire for profits. Their historic failure is what forced them to turn to the economic robber barons who have bought up the media companies. These corporate interests have substituted knowledge with greed. They have cut back the media staffing, making it less diverse than ever and forced minorities who do have media jobs to cutthroat other media to keep them out.

Media bias exists in many ways.

The primary means of bias is in the distorting and twisting of facts to produce a conclusion that they present as “fact.” They manipulate the news to create a perception that they then sell to the public.

The public is victimized because they are told they have very few options to find real news and and conditioned to accept the media lies.

The journalism organizations lie and defend the corrupt journalism system because of their desire for survival. They are afraid to hold themselves to the same standards that they hold others because in many of those cases, those standards re unfair. They fear they will suffer what they do to others.

President Donald Trump is not the perfect politician, because he is not a politician. He is an average person, someone who makes mistakes but who tries to do good.

He has promised to pursue one goal. Change. Not just change in our society to make it stronger and greater — the true meaning of “great again” — but he also means to change how we understand the truth.

Nothing needs to be Changed more than the News Media which fuels the racism and hatred in America. The news media thrives on conflict, hate and violence. It fuels it through divisive reporting that elevates conflict above truth. Without tragedy and conflict, the media cannot exist. It cannot profit. And profit is what drives the news media.

Of all of the goals he hopes to accomplish, replacing the biased news media with one that is objective and fair is the most important goal for America. We can’t allow the news media to continue to lie and distort facts to craft the news to fit their needs and their greeds.

President Trump has declared that the news media is Enemy Number 1. It is worse than terrorism that threatens our people. The biased news media is the greatest threat facing the survival of all Americans. The biased news media pits everyone against each other to keep the public divided, angry and upset. An emotional public can’t reason or rationalize and instead screams and hates and embraces division.

The media needs to change.

President Donald Trump is going to bring that change. But the people need to come together and also be proactive to end media bias. The public must stand against the news media. Cancel your subscriptions. Express your demands that the media do its job informing the public not manipulating the news to manipulate the public.

We can join in forcing the news media change. But you have to believe. And you have to know that you are powerful enough to change the media.

That’s why the media is fighting back in an unprecedented manner to destroy President Trump and all those who voted for Change. The biased, racist mainstream news media knows that if President Trump succeeds, they will vanish and be replaced by a media that is accountable. Replaced by a news media that doesn’t impose standards on others while violating those standards themselves.

The mainstream news media is the corruption that is cancer on our American society. It needs to be stopped. The mainstream American news media needs to change. And, Change Now!